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We are looking for enthusiastic people with good communication skills, who are motivated and can carry repsonsibility.

We appreciate that the applicant is a motivated and happy person, able to handle stress, take initiative, and have basic knowledge of English and Spanish and another conversational languages.

Also you have to be interested in learning and besides all this, having fun in his/her internship here in Spain.

Also you have to like to work with children and adults. And you have to be capable of organising and guide sports and other activities.

It is very important that you like being around people and to learn foreign languages.

It is indispensable that at least the applicant is proficient at English. Official languages of European Union and Eastern Europe will be greatly appreciated.

The Applicant must be at least 17 years old and the stay must be at least of three months. Do not forget to get also a EHIC Card.

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